Crucial Career Wisdom You Need To Know Now!

There is no better teacher than experience. Unfortunately, the accumulation of experience and wisdom takes time. A lesson learned too late does you no good.

With that thought in mind, here is some wisdom that’s crucial to your career choices that you need to utilize now!

1. Life is short – don’t waste time working a job you hate

Especially if you’re older, time is not on your side. When we’re young, we often have to grab any job we can get. As a result, we work a lot of crappy jobs that we are miserable in.

When we’re older however, we have experience and skills, and that opens up our choices.

If you hate your job – quit. Sure it’s a risk, but progress doesn’t exist without risk.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

Steve Jobs

If you just can’t quit, then make sure you can get the most out of the experience you can. Learn as much as you can and try to work your way up in the company if possible.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

2. Work with the best people – make sure you’re on a great team

Is your workplace holding you back? Is it allowing you to do your best? Are your ideas or creativity stifled? If any of these are true, it’s going to prevent your growth and progress.

Steve Jobs said part of Apple’s early success was due to the fact that everyone on his team was an A-list player. Steve found the best and most creative people he could find to build the Macintosh.

Greatness has a way of rubbing off. When you surround yourself with smart, capable, motivated people you start to adjust to their equilibrium. They motivate and inspire you.

The opposite is true also. Something is only as strong as its weakest link.

The person who is incapable of holding up their end of things slows down everything. Someone who brings in an air of negativity can sour your whole team and enthusiasm toward a project. Continual nay saying can destroy everyone’s confidence.

If you want to achieve great things – surround yourself with great people.

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

3. Take care of your health

In the pursuit of success, people often will push themselves to their limits to make more cash or climb the ladder. As a result, people can begin to run themselves ragged and wear down their health.

In our pursuit of trying to get more than 24 hours out of the day, we often: eat badly, skip exercise, and don’t sleep enough. We also physically abuse our bodies with overwork that affects our eyes, hands, backs, necks and feet.

In a lot of workplaces, employers often overburden their employees. Employees find themselves answering calls, responding to emails, and fixing problems after working hours or on weekends. Compensated or not, they can find themselves logging excessive hours due to an employer who is too cheap to bring in additional help when it’s needed.

The thing is… It’s all an illusion. Pushing yourself to the limit doesn’t usually get you anywhere faster. In fact, it can completely derail you and send you back to square one, losing everything.

This is a hard lesson to learn and indeed it’s almost always learned the hard way. It’s learned on the day you wake up sick, or exhausted, or with injuries –some that will never heal.

Here’s the deal… No employer, career, nor any amount of money is worth your health. Once it’s lost, your health is very hard to gain back. There is only one you – and you need to take care of number one first.