5 Awesome Ideas for Putting More Cheer in Your Holiday

The holiday season tends to bring out two emotions in people: Joy and stress. However, there are ways to avoid and diminish the latter while promoting the former. In this article, will show you how to find joy and put more cheer into your holiday season!

One of the best ways to defeat stress, loneliness or sadness during the holidays is to get out and do for others. Getting involved puts you in the mode of taking positive actions that returns positivity to your own mindset. The smiles and reactions of joy from other people that you affect with your positive actions, reflect back to you. Positivity is contagious!

Create cheer by spreading joy

The best thing you can give to anyone during the holiday season is love – and love is free. There are many ways to express your love or care for other people in your life, and the only thing it will cost you to do so is a little of your time.

Taking it further, nothing feels as good as giving, and can bring a very rewarding feeling. To that end, it can be very rewarding when you go out of your way to make a total stranger feel happy or appreciated.

Here are a few ideas for spreading joy, caring and love:

1. Write a letter by hand

Letter writing, remember that? While we live in this texting and emailing world, handwritten letters still hold power. In fact, since people don’t receive letters too often anymore – they may even hold more power now than they did in the past. Everyone realizes that these take time to do, and as such, they make an impression of being a very personal communication. They mean something. Take a little time to write a letter to the people you care about the most – and tell them what they mean to you in the letter. It’s something that will make them feel warm and fuzzy inside – something they will never forget.

2. Video chat (FaceTime/Skype) with an old friend

Letter writing aside, newfangled technology also has its advantages. When you can’t be there in person – video chatting is the next best thing to being there. Take some time to spend some time with a face-to-face video conversation with an old friend, especially anyone you haven’t seen for a long time. Just taking a minute to look them in the eye and letting them know how much you care means a lot.

3. Leave a generous tip

We all know that people in service professions work hard, yet aren’t well-paid. These people really depend on tips to make up for what they lack in hourly salary, trying to survive at a wage that doesn’t always equal the cost of living. Leaving a service worker a larger than typical or expected tip, not only helps them greatly, but it can bring them joy by restoring their faith in humanity!

4. Buy coffee or lunch for a stranger

Just for the heck of it, right as the cashier is ringing up the person in front of you, tell the cashier you want to pay for their bill. When the person objects, simply say Merry Christmas or happy holidays (whatever suits your fancy). Another trick is, after you pay for your order, hand the cashier a $20 (or whatever) and tell her to keep paying for customers’ coffee until it runs out.

5. Engage in random acts of kindness

Offer to carry and/or help loading groceries for someone at the supermarket. Offer to rake leaves or shovel snow for someone in your neighborhood. Randomly offer to help someone unload/load something, especially when you see a single person doing this with a large load. Secretly buy and gift some movie tickets at random for a family in your neighborhood, place them in an envelope with a Christmas card, and inside write: “Enjoy – Merry Christmas, secret Santa” or something along those lines. The ideas and possibilities for random acts of kindness are endless. You can actually have a lot of fun doing it! You may even meet some wonderful new people along the way.